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All keys are stored in the Key Press in the cupboard above the fridge in the Kitchen. Please return all keys except the front door key, to this key Press. The front door key should be returned to the security key safe using the code that will have been sent with booking details.



The main hall heating is controlled by the thermostat on the left hand wall near the stage cupboard - turn to required temperature. Please return thermostat to zero when leaving the Hall. Heating will only work while the hall is occupied. The running cost of the main heater is incorporated in the hall rental. Infra-Red heating is also available and the switches are at the rear of the hall, to use these you will need to put money into a coin meter. The meter is located in the cupboard in the Kingsmill Room, and takes £1 coins. The key for the cupboard is in the key press. Remember Infrared heaters only heat you, not the air.  There are a number of panel heaters around the building, these are controlled individually and there is a coin meter in the Kingsmill Cupboard. Please ensure all heaters are switched off when vacating the building. 

Water Heater


The control for the water heater is located in the lobby, between the Kingsmill room door and the door to the stairs. The water will take around 45 minutes to heat so it is suggested that you set the control for 2hrs. The heater will shut off automatically, after the predetermined time. 


All windows are locked, these can be unlocked using the key in the key press, however please note, that all windows must remain closed during any functions that contain loud noise such as disco’s and live band performances. This is part of the terms and conditions for hiring the hall, and is a Parish Bylaw. Please respect our Neighbours. 

Fire Alarm

The building has an active fire monitoring system; please note that the prolonged use of smoke generators will set off the fire alarm. If this should happen, or accidental damage to the break glasses occurs, you will need to call the caretaker to reset the system. 

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans in the main hall are controlled by the switches at the rear of the hall.

Access to Balcony

Access to the balcony is restricted for health and safety reasons. If access is required, please ensure this is requested at the time of booking the hall. The Balcony area is separately alarmed.  

Tables and Chairs


All tables and chairs are stored in the Stage Cupboard at the rear of the hall on the left hand side. The keys to this cupboard are located in the cupboard above the fridge in the kitchen. 


Please bag all rubbish and place inside the large bins located in the car park.. These bins are locked and the key is on the same key ring as the main hall keys. Please separate recycled rubbish: clean paper and cardboard, plastic bottles with lids removed and drink cans to be placed loose in the large purple recycle bin. 

Stage Lighting

All the stage lighting is DMX controlled via a computer, therefore will not operate correctly unless used with the computer. Individual lights must not have their settings changed.  Stage lighting can be used with prior arrangement with the Hall Committee and arranged at the time of the booking. 

PA System

The hall PA system is available upon request. It includes a wireless microphone and the facility for the hirer to attach their own MP3 player. Full instructions will be provided at the time of booking request. 



The following documents are located in the cupboard above the fridge in the Kitchen, please do not remove these documents.

        Accident Book – All accidents must be entered into this book

         Fire log – Details the available fire prevention facilities and the dates of when they were checked.

         Folder containing:

         Floor Plan

         Stage Lighting Plan

         Health & Safety Policy  

         Safeguarding policy

         Equal Opportunities Policy

Ceiling Lights

The ceiling lights in the main hall are very efficient, however please note that they take a short while before they come up to full power. Please be patient as, because of their design, if you switch them off and then switch them back on, there will be a delay before they can be used.

Ceiling Fans
Fire Alarm
Stage Lights
Tables & Chairs
Water Heater
Ceiling Lights
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